What is the idea behind your value proposal?

It’s pretty simple, we offer traditionally crafted furniture with great quality materials at an excellent fair price.

How is this different from other companies?

We are vertically integrated. Owning the factory where we build our furniture gives us the flexibility and experience to create a unique product and offer it to you, directly. By doing this we are able to eliminate several unnecessary costs while improving the value you get for the price you pay.

How do you stay up to date with the latest designs trends?

Our product designers and management team periodically travel to furniture and design shows in Germany, Italy, France, United States and Asia. These are the places where design, deco and furniture trends are set. We take those ideas and in combination with our expertise we are able to come up with our own version of new products.

What is it that makes South Cone products unique?

The equipment that we have in our factory is the best new European furniture machinery available, all the components we use are carefully selected directly from first quality vendors in North America and we have long-time experienced craftspeople to give that final hand-touch to products to deliver a high detailed-great quality and artisan-look piece of furniture.

Do you have stores or a showroom where I could stop by and check the product?

No, we currently don’t have any physical facility to go see our products. We only sell online, but you do have the opportunity to reach out to our customer service and ask for any kind of photo or video about the product or process so that you feel more comfortable with your choice.

How can I feel even more secure before committing to a purchase?

30 years in the furniture-making industry is an important guarantee for you; Amazon, Costco, Wayfair, Living Spaces, Home Depot, Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Hilton, Marriott, Waldorf Astoria, McDonald’s are some of our clients and a 4,5 stars average rate on +500 customer reviews back us up.


How come you are able to offer fair prices without sacrificing product quality?

Supply chain integration and efficiency obsession based on several initiatives: We buy our supplies directly from the producer, no intermediaries. We build our products in our own factory; we don’t get them from third party factories. We don’t have the associated costs of bringing our products overseas; SC factory is located in a free trade zone 7 miles away from the US boarder in Tijuana, Mexico. We have the world’s best new machinery to improve our production processes, we do not use old inefficient machines. We build our own packaging; we don’t buy it. We are an online-only company, no stores or showrooms associated costs. We deliver from the factory directly to the consumer; we do not use resellers or distribution companies. We reuse our disposals, we don’t throw them away.


What wood do you use to build your products?

All our furniture is made out of 100% American FSC certified poplar wood.

Are they made of solid wood?

All our furniture is made 100% out of solid wood. Our furniture will endure much longer, have a stronger look and even offer you the possibility, after you have had enough with it, to sand it, paint it and give it a new look.

Are your products vegan?

All of our products are 100% vegan, we do not use any animal-derived products or animal origin materials in any of our furniture.

How many types of fabrics do you offer?

We currently have modern velvet, performance and premium linen and Soft Polyester Performance Fabric. Check Fabrics +Finishes to explore them all.


Do your furniture stand still many years in tough climates?

We use particular ways of cutting our furniture, unique gluing procedures and inside-the-furniture stronger controls to make sure even our big-size products do not bend or crack in any weather whether its super dry or humid, cold or hot.

How durable are your products?

They will last for years without being distressed. We use 100% solid wood, we have a unique method for gluing between wood parts that makes them much stronger and difficult to split or brake and our fabrics are first quality, we also offer among our options washable performance pet friendly fabrics.


What’s the story behind your Brand?

South Cone home was founded in 1988, born in the South American country of Peru. At the very beginning we would only sell hand-crafted mirrors to small furniture shops. It was in 2007 when with a big vision in a very small garage in Los Angeles we decided to move all the operation to North America.

During that transition we used to work with small carpenters and upholstery shops, each of them employed probably 5 or 7 people. By 2010 we understood that if we wanted to grow we needed to look for consistency, so we opened our first (small) but South Cone owned production facility. From there we started receiving bigger request from stronger clients, furniture retail chains and online partners.

It was not an easy journey, but we are moving forward on the right track. We have recently opened our own 200,000 square foot South Cone factory in Tijuana, with more than 150 craftspeople; you can find our products in a boutique in Vancouver, a five star hotel in Telluride, Colorado, a furniture store in Athens or a Spa in Iceland while we also sell to American leaders like Amazon, Costco, Wayfair, Living Spaces, Home Depot, Macy’s, Wal-Mart and to worldwide hospitality industry giants like Hilton, Marriott, Waldorf Astoria and McDonald’s. We have recently re-launched our improved brand website for our customers to directly shop our +1000 made to order products with personalized customer service.

How did you guys take it from Peru to being what you are right now?

This is possible when you are truly passionate about what you do and you take it ‘one table at a time’.


How can I make up my mind to decide on one dining table between all the offers you do have?

We try to make it as simple as possible for you; when decided if you want a round, square, oval or rectangular table you then have four different sizes, eight colors and three heights. For each style - whether you decide your unique size, color or height combination – we feature the same table top design.

How do I pick between so many bed alternatives?

You can order it with or without wings, in three different size of mattress (Queen, King and California King); in three different heights (low, medium, high), and pick exposed wood and decide between the 9 options of finishes colors or upholstered and decide between our 7 colors offerings of fabric.

How do I start buying?

It’s really easy. You can shop by category, style, most trending or new releases; then you will decide on the product you are looking for, select size, fabric, color and wood finish combination and that’s it! You should now add that item to the cart and keep on shopping or check out and select your payment method and shipping option. You are all set.

If you are not sure about the fabrics, colors and wood finishes you can order a free simple line.

Can I shop as a guest?

Yes you can shop as a guest. We will only ask you to fill in the necessary billing and shipping information.

Why would I buy South Cone Furniture directly from you rather than go looking for your products on other websites?

You can actually buy South Cone products where it best fits your needs. On we offer you an extended product collection, unique color ways, more fabric options and exclusive finishes that are not always available at our biggest clients. A personalized shopping experience and customer service whenever you have a doubt. Our customer service team works in the same factory so they are able to act upon your concerns or questions immediately.


Is your packaging good enough to protect my order?

We have a state-of-the-art Italian machine that builds each cardboard box upon the needs of the product. Its tailor made to fit perfectly resulting in a lower probability of breakage and a much more efficient use of the space.

We use a great density cardboard (internal layers & width) plus two other layers of special materials on top of that to protect your product and prevent any damage or scratch.

Every box gets out of the factory properly labeled so that the shipping company’s personnel handle your product with the needed care.

We are doing all in our capabilities to make sure your furniture arrives just the way we would like it to arrive as if it was our own.


What is your newest product release?

Our hottest items right now are the beds, we brought that offer early this year and it has surpassed any optimistic expectation. The look, the quality finish and the fair price is what our clients have valued the most.

What is your most trending item?

Actually barstools have been doing really good lately, a great variety, fabrics and color options and a good fair price on them.

How can I pick between so many sofas?

We recommend that you first pick the style you like, then you will choose between three different size options and decide between regular sofa or deep plush that adds up xxx inches of depth in it.

What are the sofas and sectionals best qualities?

Fit and finish, we have clear procedures and high end European machinery that provide our products of quality and consistency up to the American standards.

The best pick of foams for sitting and back cushions is key to achieve that great comfort of our sofas and sectionals.

Are the legs going to break when shipping them home?

No, all sectionals and sofa legs are removable so that you can assembly them once it’s safe in your living room. It will not take more than 10 minutes.

Can I wash the fabrics?

All our performance linen fabrics are washable as you can check in this video (link). We do not recommend washing velvets or eco-leather. If you have pets and kids at home we would suggest going for the performance washable fabrics.

Are the cushions reversible?

Yes, all our sofas and sectionals come with reversible cushions.

Is there a chance of getting a product that does not match good quality standards?

We have a strict Quality Control before we give the good to go, that checklist includes, xxx


Do you buy your furniture from different factories or you produce them yourself?

We have our own factory. We design and produce our furniture all by ourselves. We do not buy any finished product from third party vendors.

Where do you get all the materials you work with?

We buy them directly from the producer, no distributor or intermediaries in the supply chain, so we assure we have the best possible price for our goods.

We carefully pick each of the vendors we work with and make sure that they share our commitment to the environment, communities and workforce.


Is your furniture hand made or machine made?

After 30 years in the furniture industry we have found a perfect balance. More than 150 craftspeople in our factory and many state-of-the-art European machinery assure the highest quality and detail, energy efficiency, improved production speed and production consistency.

That balance is also a key factor in being able to offer a great quality product at a fair price.

Do you make custom pieces?

We make all our products to order. More than 1000 unique products in your selection of size, fabric, color & wood finish resulting in more than 7000 alternatives of SC furniture combinations available on our site.

What are the processes that participate into building your furniture?

These are the processes to manufacture each of our products,

-Planning and sanding
-Quality control
-Ready to ship

How do you upholster?

Upholstery is the only process that is 100% hand made by our expert artisans. We use an antique method where each of them is accountable for the product from A to Z. By doing it this way the quality of the final product and the attention to details is much higher.


What are my shipping options?

We want to simplify and make sure that your shipping options are simple and clear to understand. When ordering from South Cone:

Unlimited Curbside - Get your furniture delivered in 2-3 weeks after it was shipped out from our factory. You will receive your order at the front door of the provided shipping address. Order will be left with no prior schedule arrangement.

Please keep in mind that a minimum assembly might be required for some of our pieces.

Are the rates equal for all United States?

California - Arizona & Nevada Unlimited Curbside $99.00

California - Arizona & Nevada Unlimited Curbside$199.00

Texas - Oregon - Washington - Colorado - Utah & New Mexico Unlimited White Glove $259.00

All other states Unlimited Curbside $299.00

If you are based in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico please get in contact with customer service before completing the purchase.


Do you have a particular commitment to local communities or the environment?

We take our SEG (Social, Environmental and Governance) commitment very seriously. We invite you to take a deeper view in our shared value creation program on its exclusive page.


Can I order samples?

Yes and its absolutely free. Not only you can ask for swatches to check on the fabric material and color but we also offer you the possibility to ask for real wood samples. You will be able to see and touch how your furniture is going to look and feel. Request free samples


Is it possible that you deliver me something that is not what I ordered?

We have 4 different control steps along the processes so chances that you get something different that you ordered are almost none. We are making sure every client get its furniture exactly as purchased.


Does your furniture need any assembly?

All our furniture we will ship you a fully assemble piece. Either if it’s a small or large you will have no need to put a screw on it. We strongly recommend that if you order a big piece of furniture you pick the ‘white glove’ shipping option so that you make sure the furniture will be unpackaged, placed in the selected room and ready to enjoy.

In the case of the sectionals and sofas, you will need to assembly the legs that are shipped un-assembled to avoid any damage. Only the Dining Tables, need to screw the top to the base. Nothing more than 10 minutes work.


Can I cancel my order one it was submitted?

Every order we make is tailored to our customer specifications. As such, you have two weeks to cancel your order with no penalties. Once we start working on your order (two weeks after placing the order), you will incur in a flat $150.- fee in the event you cancel it. After four weeks since you placed your order it becomes no cancellable as the furniture is in the last stage of completion.

Can I return my furniture once it was shipped?

No, shipped orders are not cancellable or returnable since they are custom built for you. Our customer service team will send you pictures of the order for approval before we ship it to you. If anything looks not right when you receive the pictures, we will make sure is taken care of, and we will send you new pictures. Your order will ship only after your approval.

Can I return my furniture after I receive it?

Returns only will be accepted for a full refund If you decide to cancel your order because your product was damaged and cannot be repaired or was shipped defective.


Where can I contact you if my question is still unanswered on this page?

We are here to help you have the best shopping experience possible, so if we haven’t answered your question yet, please call us at (619) 567-7977 from 7 to 5pm from Monday to Friday PT. If you are not a kind of phone call person you can send us an email to We will be ready to help you out.

For more questions contact us on (619) 567-7977 or

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