Is South Cone committed to support local communities?

We have a long term commitment to helping the communities where we produce and commercialize our furniture. For the last years we’ve been involved in many initiatives. The most recent ones include furniture donations to several orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico or fully furnishing a fire station in San Diego, California.

For our local community where the production plant is based we are the first work choice for many local university graduates as we offer special opportunities for their internships on South Cone.

We are currently looking for the right long term initiative to engage on a regular basis that makes the most sense to our company’s DNA.


 Is South Cone committed to reduce its environmental impact?

Vendors & producers

We purchase our supplies directly from the producer. We do not use any intermediaries or distributors in between and by doing so we assure high quality products while reducing shipping cO2 emissions resultant of a longer distribution system.We pay special attention to research each of our vendors very carefully before committing into a business relationship with them. We make sure they stand up to our high-quality standards, responsible procedures and fair-job conditions for the local communities that work with them.

We vertically integrate with them in order to create a business partnership while assuring fair business conditions for both parts.


100% of our WOOD is FSC certified from origin. We only work with vendors that strictly support responsible forest management and help protect forests for future generations.

We use the least amount of CHEMICALS as possible in our production processes but in furniture making a small amount still is involved in painting and gluing. All of the chemicals we use are 100% US products and top quality (least possible impact in the environment).

These chemicals are 100% low VOC. That means they are low pollutant, they are less likely to cause allergies, and they all come from trustworthy premium brands, as Sherwin Williams.

For gluing our products, we utilize a 100% water-based GLUE, which is a lot less harmful for the environment than any other in the market. We are also proactively moving forward to a water-based only painting usage. They are not inflammable and less pollutant.

California’s Law Pro 65 prohibits the use of certain chemicals on the FOAM that are proven to cause some diseases such as cancer. Our FOAM is 100% north american product and fully complies on PRO 65 CA law standards. A top quality foam that it’s also formed by a percentage of recycled materials.

We by no means use any FABRIC of animal origin. Our fabrics are 100% vegan. We offer our upholstery products on velvet and performance linen coming from US vendors and we are incorporating an eco-leather (not animal-derived) offer to some of our new product lines.

Every METAL involved in our elegant finishes while assuring the sturdiness of our furniture is first quality from the best Mexican producers. We choose not to use low quality metals that could easily be got from a fraction of a cost from overseas vendors.

We are strongly committed to build our furniture with the best quality supplies, sourcing them in North America, working with vendors that stand up to best practices, and with the least possible impact on the environment.

CO2 emissions and energy usage

Our factory is only equipped with first quality machinery. Like any other production equipment, you can either find the cheap-less-reliable version or you can go look for the best possible quality in the world. We decide to build our furniture only with the best German and Italian machinery. They increase productivity, they are way more energy efficient producing less cO2 emissions and much safer to protect our craftspeople from accidents.

Water usage

All through our furniture making production processes there is almost no water involved.


Almost all of our disposables are re-used for other purposes. Wood remnants and fabrics leftovers are given to small local carpentries to build their own products.

All our remaining sawdust from the woodworking processes is taken from the factory and then shipped to American stables for them to use in the breeding of their animals.

We are proactively working to recycle our foam leftovers into our own sofas and sectionals cushions.


We have our own packaging building machine. That is not a common standard in our industry. We then do not have to adapt our furniture to fit in the packaging but the other way around. By creating the cardboard box to specifically protect each piece of furniture we also have no material waste. We occupy just the needed space in the shipping container resulting into fitting more pieces in each trip and making the shipping costs more affordable for the client.

Recycled materials

We make all our sofas and sectional’s back cushions with 100% recycled plastic fibers.

Durable designs

We build all our products with sturdy & durable materials and processes, so to avoid short term disposables of furniture into the streets. After some years have gone by, if the owner wants to – since all our furniture is 100% made of solid wood – it can be restyled. You could just sand it and with a new hand of painting it will have a whole fresh new look.

We also have a unique gluing method that assure our unions will not break. This is thanks to high-end machinery that cuts our wood in a particular way allowing glue to enter its pores. It won’t break, tweak or get loose with time and usage.

All our cushions are reversible and come with a zipper.

Proximity to the US

Our factory is based 7 miles away from the US boarder on a free trade zone in Tijuana, Mexico. We then avoid shipping our products from third party factories in Asia eliminating the associated CO2 emissions of the overseas shipping.


 Is South Cone committed to provide fair labor conditions to its associates?

We provide our associates with well above-average work conditions. We offer well above average salaries and additional fair labor conditions such as paid vacations, medical care, resting time, education opportunities, physical and psychological support, family benefits, funds for personal emergencies and strong daily commitment to hygiene and safety.

In 2016, we were the first and only company in Tijuana to celebrate an agreement with the Mexican National Institute for Adult Education (INEA). This agreement facilitates all personnel above 21 years of age to finish graduating from elementary and/or high school if they haven’t. A teacher dictates the lessons in our plant during working time window and by the end of each period we would take all the participants to make the needed final exam to get their degree. We have had 27 graduates so far, most of them from primary school and many above 40 years of age.

We have in house psychologists working on a program that offers our workforce help and support for leaving behind drug related problems & addictions.

We offer equal hiring opportunities in all departments of our company. We have really valuable men and women working in carpentry, painting, upholstering and administration.

We offer equal hiring opportunities for people with motion disabilities or emotional disorders. We have had along the years and we actually have in our workforce personnel with disabilities performing various valuable tasks.

We offer a special program for employee’s families to furnish their homes with South Cone products sold at a substantial discount. We also hold significant donations to our employees several times through the years.

We have set up an Economic Fund for employees’ economic urgencies. So we are able to help our employees when some unfortunate event happens and they are not in their full capability to cover for all the associated costs by themselves.

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